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Dancing for a Cure Scrapbook

Read the CC Times article about Laughing For A Cure.

Laughing For A Cure, October 2017

Rebecca DeCicco, emcee Christine Ernst, "Cape Cod Cancer Bitch"
Kimberly Hellem, WeStandComedy.com Tara Cannistraci, WeStandComedy.com

Group takes a bow with organizer, Susan Mendoza Friedman


Leighann Lord, www.veryfunnylady.com  




Dana-Farber recognized DFAC in their February Newsletter! Read page 3


7th Annual Dance Marathon sponsored by Dancing For A Cure. In this introductory video, DFAC's Susan Friedman is joined by State Rep. David Viera, welcoming the crowd at Mashpee High School. Singing the National Anthem is "Sandwich Soul", from Sandwich Hight School. February 4, 2017. The event raises funds for cancer research at Dana Farber in Boston.


6th Annual 5K Dance Marathon - See video & slideshow





No One Can Survive Alone World Premiere 2016
Dancers: Maggie Kudirka the Bald Ballerina and Adrienne Canterna
Choreograhy: Adrienne Canterna


Nutcracker Dancers at Dana Farber, Boston on Vimeo.


Dancers from Turning Pointe Dance Studio, Falmouth performed holiday selections at the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, Boston on Dec. 23, 2016. A wonderful day for patients and dancers alike!


View video of dancers at the Yawkey Center, Boston, December 18th


Cape Cod Dance Expo, Cotuit Center for the Arts, Oct.2016


The Yawkey Center in Boston hosted some of Turning Pointe Dance Studio dancers in December 2015. Click photo for video.

More photos from the Yawkey Center event, courtesy Dana Farber's photographer:




DFAC Corps de Tutu supports the Ovarian Cancer 101 Walk like Renee Walk
Osterville, Sept. 2014

*** View the SHOE AUCTION Video ***


View 2012 Saturday Evening Video:    Act One | Act Two


Daily Paper Election Day Fund Raiser, Hyannis Nov. 5th was A HUGE success at both
Daily Paper Restaurants!

Thanks again to the amazing Webb Family for their generosity!


Sponsored by Sally Beauty, dancers at Dance Designs supported
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with a teal hair feather!



Jr. DFAC members at the Hospitality Day at Hematology Oncology of Cape Cod

DFAC Committee gets ready for the Holiday Shows Dec. 15 & 16 BarnstableHigh School

Dancing for a Cure Nutcracker performance at Yawkey Center, Boston, Dec. 11
Photos by Sam Ogden, Dana Farber photographer

sam ogden


4th Annual Election Day Fundraiser at the Daily Paper, Hyannis
What a great day! Thanks to Aaron and Samantha Webb and all the hundreds of people who came to support DFAC …..we raised a record setting amount.

A Dancer's Perspective
by Tory Hitchcock

I stand in the dark with my eyes closed and take three deep breaths. The curtain is inches from my face and as it rises, I open my eyes and find myself before 500 people waiting for me to begin. In these three short minutes, I gradually create a perfect moment in which I am truly myself. The lights are warm on my face and as I take my final pose, there is no place else I'd rather be. I walk off of the stage feeling like I have nothing left to say and I have created art.
As a dancer matures, it is crucial to transform from a dancer to an artist. In order to make it in the dance world or to experience the true enjoyment it has to offer, I needed find the reason for which I dance. The moment when it was simply not enough to dance because I wanted to, but because I needed to. That was when I become a true artist.
The moment I discovered my purpose in this art form was during Dancing For a Cure, a holiday dance performance which raises money for breast and ovarian cancer research. This benefit was inspired by Karen Schek who was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer in 2005. You may be wondering why this woman is any more important than any of the other 251,340 that are diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer each year. I am not related to her nor have I met her. However, she has changed my life immensely.
Although it was my fourth year performing in the benefit, this year was different. At the end of the show, the entire cast stood on stage for a curtain call. Surrounded by my dance family I felt supported and loved as my teacher spoke about her sick friend. Hundreds of miles away, Karen was watching us dance for her from her bed. This year's show was special and emotionally relevant because we knew it was one of the last shows Karen would get to see. As the speech came to an end, the cast and audience held up signs showing the names of loved ones they stand up to cancer for. Looking at all of the signs made me realize just how many people's lives I have touched. Signs that read "Mom", "Dad","You", and "The Next Generation", had me in tears instantly. I look down at my own sign that reads "Auntie Susan" and realized that I, too, am dancing for my own best friend.
Being in a room filled with so many inspired and hopeful people who all shared concern and support for each other, was a moment in my life that I will surely never forget.
On March 28th, 2012, Karen Schek lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Although it was extremely sad , it once again made me realize why I dance. This stranger whom I had never met, became an immeasurable part of my life and helped shape me into who I am. Karen not only initiated a foundation that has already raised over $160,000 to find a cure, but she has also created a family of those fighting for this cause. She brought out the best in me. Karen took me along on her journey teaching me strength, courage, but most importantly love.
I began to cry harder, but this time with happiness. I never thought that someone whom I've never met could affect my life so greatly. Over the past four years I realized that I, too, have the power to change a person's life. I discovered that with a stage, with music, and with passion. This is the single most important reason why I dance, and I can't imagine my life any other way.


DFAC volunteers and DFAC daughters( Shae, Sarah, Aurelia) held another spectacular Hospitality Day on Cape Cod, July 24th. Cancer patients were treated to baked goodies,lemonade, hand made love notes, and cheery visits form the group. Seen here is also Deb Patellos, DFAC member and oncology nurse at the center.

DFAC held its first 'On Stage' recital flower sale June 23 & 24

Julianna Reynolds helps out her Mom, Celeste and Julie Badot
at the Ribbons to Remember walk, May 19th, 2012

DFAC committee members hold their first OUTREACH day celebrating Valentine's Day 2012 with patients and staff of the Hematology Oncology Specialists of Cape Cod, North Falmouth. Yummy sweets,tea,and hand made inspirational Valentine cards made by our Jr. DFAC girls were enjoyed by all!

Dancing for a Cure named a GENE that was added to the Gene Display located at
the Yawkey Center for Cancer, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, June 2012

What people are saying about DFAC 2011

"I loved Dancing for a Cure. It really meant a lot to me even though I don't know anyone who has cancer. I loved it because I knew that I was doing something that would help somebody, someday. I think it's sad when somebody has cancer and I love that we are helping to give them a second chance". - A 12 year old DFAC dancer

My husband and I were quite moved by the event your studio hosted, as we have family members who were blessed with cancer survival and those who were not so fortunate.

What wonderful and inspirational role models you and your team are for the young girls in your studio. Thank you for your efforts in the fight against cancer.

And, thank you for your kind words regarding Danielle. I was proud that she was able to participate in such an important fund raiser and charity.

...... While the performances were going on, it was so moving to watch not only the artists themselves, but the look on the Committee members’ faces, eyes filled with tears, with a mix of empathy and pride shining through. Each member was totally immersed in the big picture of what they were a part of. Knowing that Karen would see the evening performance made everything that much more poignant.
During the performance there was a speech that highlighted the symptoms and stark statistics of ovarian cancer and its prognosis. For an instant I felt alone with my own battle. It was only an instant, because I suddenly felt the committee member on my left take and hold my hand, and the committee member on my right put an arm around me. My fear turned into a feeling of protection and support. That moment epitomizes for me what DFAC is all about, and the immense difference DFAC is making for all of us. No matter what your role – performer, technical crew member, committee member, parent, cancer survivor, caretaker, someone presently battling cancer, someone who has lost a loved one to cancer, or an audience member – you are forever changed, enriched by being a part of Dancing For A Cure, and connected to a powerful voice for change.

I am grateful for the livestream as the technology allowed me to watch a performance I was unable to attend in person. The performance was absolutely fabulous, and I can only imagine how exciting it must have been in the auditorium. The dancers were professional and extraordinarily talented, Elaine Weldan’s narrative accompanied by her granddaughter gave meaning to your efforts, and the musicians were an unexpected delight.
Thanks so very much to you and all the dancers and volunteers for making a difference. Through your work, you have given many women hope for the future and another blessed holiday.

Peter and I watched every second of Dancing For A Cure 2011. I want to tell you about a late friend of mine who never used the words fabulous, superb, wonderful, beautiful, great or meaningful when she was over the top impressed with something - her word was "positively".
Your production of Dancing For A Cure 2011 that we saw tonite was positively. Thank you for all you do and the Friends are so lucky to have a member who is so dedicated.

Great show! You must be proud to be a part of something which does so much good. I was in tears too many times during the show. I loved the girl who sang Hallelujah. Her voice was phenomenal.


Dancing for a Cure 2012 December Holiday Shows raised more than $40,000

DFAC Nutcracker Soloists at Dana Farber, December 2011
View complete gallery of photos by Sam Ogden of Dana Farber


Committee member Kathy Hitchock takes charge at the Women's Workout Co. fundraiser on Sat. Sept.24, Hyannis.
Over $400. was raised during the Workout for a Cure event.

Meg Morris, along with (L to R) Caroline Badot, and daughter Nina Morris
take charge of the DFAC information table at the Walk To Remember to benefit Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Sept. 17th, Osterville. Joined by Susan Mendoza Friedman

Fix Me Dance 2012


Sweet Caroline's Ice Cream Fundraiser
Collected over $700!

Dancing for a Cure Holiday Performance
Dec. 18 & 19 2010, Hyannis,MA
shown, "Hanging By A Thread"

View onYouTube
'When You Believe'
Gabrielle and Niki
DFAC Holiday Show Dec.2010


Dec. 2010
Jen Rako, Kathleen Forest and Susan Friedman discuss DFAC on WXTK's Spectrum show


Daily Paper Hyannis Election Day 2010 Fundraiser


Laine Delaney & Co. organize Teal Toes Pink Piggies @ Dance Designs
raising almost $900! Ovarian & Breast Cancer Awareness Months


'Workout for A Cure' sponsored by the Women's Workout Club,Hyannis October, 2010
All proceeds to Dancing for a Cure!

Bake for a Cure at Dance Designs Oct. 2010

Committee members attend Friends meeting at Dana Farber in Boston, June, 2010

Grammy award nominee Kate McGarry and husband Keith Ganz at benefit concert, 2009

Sweet Caroline's ice Cream Shop hosts a June fundraiser for DFAC ..........s-w-e-e-t!

Sweet Caroline's ice Cream Shop hosts a June fundraiser for DFAC ..........s-w-e-e-t!

DFAC with friends! at Dana Farber June 2010

DFAC committee members accept donation check from
Eclectic Cafe, Hyannis, fund raiser, May 2010


December, 2009

Dear Susan,
     I am writing to thank you, the DFAC Committee, the dancers, choreographers, singers, speakers, and all who participated in this year's "Dancing For A Cure" event.  It is not often that one is given such a gift, such an experience that has  an impact that leaves such a powerful message for all to keep with them and share with others.
     On the way to Saturday night's performance I was nervous, not sure of what triggers the show might set off for me emotionally, but knowing I wanted to be there to support my friend, the cause, and to thank all involved for their efforts as they worked on something that is so key in my life.
     From your opening welcome to the moving finale, I realized that I was witnessing something so powerful, so uplifting, and so hope-filled, I could not help but be caught up in the emotion and message of it all.  I was transformed from a spectator to an active participant, drawn in and touched by the beauty of each passing moment.
     I found myself feeling as though each and every dancer, singer, and speaker was performing for me, sending their message to me personally, telling me "We understand, we get what you're going through, and we've got your back.  You are not alone.  We're with you in the fight."
     I was totally changed from a mere passive audience member to someone who was dancing, singing, and speaking with the cast, emotionally on stage with everyone, feeling totally connected to a new circle of friends who were carrying my fears, my hopes, and my heart.
     Even more poignant for me was the fact that the same empathy and support was carrying my sister's struggles and hopes, being lifted up right beside me, though she could not be there in person.  It was as though the blue and pink symbols were my sister and me, intertwining our battles with ovarian and breast cancer, showing a united strength and resolve against both foes.
     As I take Saturday night with me, I feel empowered, cared for, and loved.  I feel heartened by the commitment made by all of you, and by  the sense of urgency you all recognize. I thank you for your work, your dedication, and your passion, and will forever be touched, supported, and empowered by the overwhelming care and friendship you extended to me, and to all patients, survivors, families and friends who are sharing the cancer journey.
With Deepest Appreciation,
MJ Keenan

I had to let you know how beautiful the show was. I was glad I was able to go with my son again. I had not made any of the holiday shows this year and when it snowed I was disappointed that your show would be cancelled. I called Kara and she said it was still on! We would not have missed it!! I would have put on snow shoes if I had to to get there or had my son pull me on his sled. But it has been something we both enjoyed last year for the first time and were so looking forward to it this year.

Thank you and all the girls that work so hard with putting on such an emotional and beautiful show for such a great cause!

-Kathy C.


We have gone every year to the DFAC recital and each year have shed tears and smiled lots to the performances and speakers. You along with the others have done such a fabulous job at putting this on and I can not thank you enough. As I write this I unfortunately shed some more tears because I just got results back yesterday from my mother being diagnosed with cancer. She is a very strong woman and with the help of all of us family members we will ALL get through her chemo treatments together and fight this. My daughter told me last night, "Mom, I danced for a cure for Nana last night."


(Delia is an 8 year old dancer at Dance Designs. She was a 'Rudolph' tapper in this year's show.)

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